Which Questions Should I Ask at my Cosmetic Dental Appointment?

February 21, 2023

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Modern cosmetic dentistry is full of marvels. Technology has advanced to such an extent that, for basically any issue you’re dealing with, your dentist will be able to help you. However, one consequence of that is that it can be hard for the average person to know the full breadth of what their dentist has to offer.

If you have an upcoming consultation with your cosmetic dentist, it can be hard to even know where to begin! Here are a few questions you can ask your dentist at that consultation.

What Will My Smile Look Like?

This is always the best place to begin a cosmetic consultation—after all, it’s why you’re there in the first place! You should tell your dentist about the problems you have with your smile so that they can let you know what sort of treatments they can offer you.

These treatments are better suited to addressing some problems than others, so which one you get will have a lot to do with what you want your final smile to look like.

Can I See Pictures?

In a similar vein, it can be helpful to see an actual picture of the patients that your dentist has treated in the past. That will give you an opportunity to not only take a look at what these procedures can do for you, but also to get a sense of your dentist’s expertise. Even experienced providers have some treatments that they’re more comfortable with than others, so getting a sense of what your provider does best can be immensely helpful in narrowing down what procedure you’d like to go for.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Some cosmetic dental procedures can be completed within a single session, but many others require multiple appointments. If you’re getting several different treatments, it could take you months to reach the smile of your dreams. You should keep in mind what your dentist is capable of, and what you’re signing up for by beginning treatment.

 Of course, this is a short list of questions you can ask at your cosmetic dental appointment; you shouldn’t be afraid to mention any concern that you might have to your dentist. They’ll be happy to help you however they can.

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