Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Longmont, CO

Keeping You Informed on Everything Dentistry

Dentistry can be simple and straightforward, but other times it can be more complicated. No matter what your concerns may be, Dr. Coats wants to make sure you feel confident about your care with him and his team. We’ve gotten many questions over the years, some of which can be found below for your convenience. If you have other concerns you’d like addressed, please give our dental office a call directly!

How often should I visit for a checkup and cleaning?

We recommend that patients visit our dental office for a checkup at least once every six months. During this biannual visit, we can perform a detailed exam to confirm no underlying issues are causing harm to your smile and complete a detailed cleaning to remove any plaque deposits that may have been missed during at-home oral care.

Can you help me replace missing teeth?

Dr. Coats offers multiple solutions to replace teeth depending on your preferences and budget. Whether you choose dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants, you can expect your smile to look incredibly natural afterwards thanks to the high-quality materials we use to create them.

How do I know if I need a dental filling?

We generally recommend dental fillings when a cavity has developed inside of the tooth. Sometimes this isn’t easy to confirm on your own, which is why routine exams are essential to your long-term oral health. However, if you notice tooth pain that does not go away, it’s a common symptom that a cavity is present. We offer tooth-colored composite resin to ensure the most natural-looking appearance possible.

My jaw hurts. Do you offer treatment?

Absolutely! Dr. Coats is highly experienced in treating TMJ issues and providing custom-made occlusal guards specifically intended to resolve problems related to the jaw joints. These oral appliances are not only personalized to your mouth exactly, but durable and long-lasting. This ensures you can receive long-term relief for your jaw symptoms.

Can I visit for dental emergencies?

Not only are we able to treat dental emergencies, but we work hard to accommodate same-day emergency appointments for new and existing patients. That means the day that you call, we do everything possible to get you seen and your discomfort alleviated by Dr. Coats. In some cases, we may need to schedule you for an additional appointment if your emergency requires a particular treatment.

What’s the best way to improve my smile?

The treatment we recommend largely depends on specific goals you have for your family and your budget. For example, composite and porcelain veneers can address multiple issues at a time, but in many cases direct bonding and professional teeth whitening can resolve common dental imperfections. We encourage you to schedule a smile makeover consultation to determine the best service for your needs.

Do you see kids?

As a family dentist, we are happy to see your child for dental care. We’re happy to offer dental treatments specifically catered to younger patients, including dental sealants, silver diamine fluoride, pulp therapy, and other services.